COVID-19 Additional Measures

As we come through the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of differences and changes here at The Sandhaven as we need to protect our most vulnerable guests. In addition to our normal strict cleaning regime, we now clean all communal areas regularly throughout the day. (doorknobs/handles, banisters, lighting remote controls and anywhere else that can be touched)

Whilst all these changes seem like we are not here… we are!

We will have our phone numbers available to you throughout your stay to ensure you get all the service…just less of the face to face contact.



Please help us to help all of our guests to stay alert and safe while enjoying their time in Swanage.


To enable us to reopen and accommodate guests during this time, please see our additional safety measures:


  • If you or anyone in your household (who lives with you) has had symptoms, either a continuous cough, a temperature or loss of taste or smell, in the past 14 days, please advise us so that your reservation can be modified to another date or cancelled. During this time we are happy to refund your deposit up until the a week prior to arrival if you fall ill and need to cancel your stay. After that time we will happily move your reservation.

  • If  you become ill during your stay, please inform us immediately.




  • Contact less Check in and Check out


We now have key safes outside the front door which you will be able to retrieve your keys from. We will send you an email prior to your arrival outlining passwords and a time after which you can check in. We will process your outstanding bill during your stay. Please leave your keys in the bowl, in the hall to enable us to sanitise for the next guest. Check out is at 10.30am latest.





  • Hand Sanitising


As you enter The Sandhaven, in the hall is a hand sanitising station.  We ask that all guests use this as they come in and leave and wash their hands frequently throughout their stay


  • Optional lighting for stairways


Some of our guests may like to take a little longer on the stairs and we don’t want to rush them, so we have installed some remote-controlled lights. When at the bottom of a flight of stairs, you can press a button on the remote (that are cleaned regularly) and the stairway will turn red giving you plenty of time to reach your room whilst alerting other guests that the stairs are in use. The light can be turned off upon reaching the desired destination or they will turn themselves off in 15 minutes.


  • No communal areas


For the time being, and until we know it’s completely safe, we have closed the guest lounge.


  • Breakfast


We are currently offering ‘in room’ or ‘scheduled breakfast’ in the breakfast room. We ask guests to stick to their allotted breakfast time slot to avoid unsafe crowding in the morning. Guests have a breakfast menu form that must be returned before 9pm to a rack at the bottom of the stairs.


  • Room Servicing


If you are staying with us for less than 4 days, we will not enter your room. You will have an option of ordering more supplies of teas, coffees and toiletries for your room and systems for new towels.